Picture of Joonas Niemenjoki

Joonas Niemenjoki

Hi👋, I'm Joonas, a Finnish engineer and programmer. I've been practicing coding since the beginning of 2019. I specialize in programming building automation processes and web technologies such as React, Node.js, Next.js, MongoDB, and Express. Additionally, I have some experience with React Native, Electron, Python, C++, and Bash.

Since 2021, my work has mainly focused on programming, testing, and ensuring the functionality of heat pump systems. I help people identify and fix the causes of issues in poorly functioning heating systems. I've also been involved in the design of heat pump systems and programmed systems where most of the heat pump's operation is controlled through building automation systems. This includes functionalities like temperature deviation based variable delays in compressor control and start order determination with switch valve connected systems.

I enjoy challenging programming projects where I have the opportunity to create new solutions rather than simply copying code from old projects.

Feel free to reach out if you need help with heat pump issues or if you need someone to code a challenging process into a building automation system. I'm happy to help directly with quick queries, and if needed, I can pass on your request to the right person if it requires a larger investment of time and resources from my employer.