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How do heatpumps work?

It is not easy to avoid hearing talk about heat pumps these days and new companies installing them are constantly emerging. Many of us have probably already understood that they are an economical and environmentally friendly heating method. However, have you ever thought about what makes heat pumps so good for the environment and how they actually work in practice? In this post, I will do my best to explain the operation of heat pumps in the most easily understandable way I can.

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What caused the Chernobyl 1986 nuclear accident?

Most of us have heard of the Chernobyl accident but few people understand what caused it. In this blogpost, I do my best to explain it as simple as possible

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How do great physicists remember all the equations and formuals?

It can be difficult to learn couple dozen equations when you are studying physics. How on earth do great physicist remember all the equations?

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If atoms are mostly empty space, why do things look and feel solid?

If most things around us are just empty space, why do we see or feel anything?

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How can birds safely sit on power lines?

We all know that the electricity in the regular outlets of our homes easily enough to be fatal. Yet, birds have no problem sitting on power lines that carry electricity at a 1000 times higher voltages. How is this possible?

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