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My best advice for people starting their university studies

In this blog post, I give my best advice for anyone who is starting their university studies based on my own experience as a recent university graduate

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Why do we feel sleepy?

We all need sleep and our bodies will surely show that to us if we stay awake for too long, but what is it that actually makes us feel sleepy?

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What is the difference between different cellular networks like 4G and 5G?

"It looks like more and more new generations of cellular networks are being created and deployed. Whats the difference between them? Do we really need the new technologies?"

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If atoms are mostly empty space, why do things look and feel solid?

If most things around us are just empty space, why do we see or feel anything?

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How can birds safely sit on power lines?

We all know that the electricity in the regular outlets of our homes easily enough to be fatal. Yet, birds have no problem sitting on power lines that carry electricity at a 1000 times higher voltages. How is this possible?

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How to generate an RSS feed for static Next.js website?

Create an RSS feed for your static Next.js website to allow users to subscribe to your amazing content

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How to make and publish your own npm package?

If you have done any web development, you have probably used a ton of npm packages. In this tutorial, I will teach how you can create one of your own and publish it for other people to use.

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How to compress your create-react-app and make it load faster?

Decrease page load times and improve SEO in 10 minutes by setting up compression for your app built with create-react-app

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